Monday, January 30, 2017

Word Count (belated) Wednesday

I have been working on a few literary pieces, but it is mostly all up here in my mind. It has been days since I could put my ideas into writing, because, well, you know, life.

I desire to complete my experiments all very fashionably late. So here is my idea for my children's book:

It is set in medieval times. In the beginning of the story, a little boy does not want to go to the dentist. His grandmother tells him that everybody needs to go to the dentist, even Geoff the Giant.

I am not sure exactly how I want to do this, but I do know that I want to make a story about this. As I was getting my braces put on a couple of weeks ago in the back of the office, their back door was propped open to get the air flowing, as well as to reveal the unsettling sound of some pipe/concrete renovating being done what seemed like yards away. I told my orthodontist that it sounded as though a giant was getting his teeth drilled. He and his assistant laughed and I thought, what a cool concept for Experiment #1.

I feel good about my ideas. I feel like they are just they sort of stuff I would like to read, so I guess I am heading in the right direction. I just want to actually complete an experiment and not just let these ideas swim around in my mind. Please feel free tell me to get it together :)

Experiment # 4 ~ Creative Excerpt

Henry Noble shot out a trusting hand against the cold, shiny metal and grabbed. His hand caught the door handle. He tugged, and hopped into the black, coffin-like limo as it strode down the London pavement at a leisurely pace.
The chaffeur whipped a glance back in Noble's direction and shouted a warning-filled "Hey!", pulling the car to jolting stop by the curb.
"It's alright, Garrick," a sharp and clear voice calmly stated from the opposite the back seat. "Mr. Noble is our very important guest." Noble, gasping mildly or air, quickly shifted his gaze from the driver to the shape to whom the voice belonged. He could not clearly see the face, but he could make out the pointed nose, the square chin, and the average build of a middle aged man poised tranquilly and gazing out the window at the London Eye.
"Very well, sir" the cockney accent of the driver responded, and the partition wall in the limousine climbed up like suffocating vines. The car began to crawl along the cobblestone roads once again and the floating voice continued:
"Mr. Noble, I recognize you have some reason to believe that I am the Westminster bomber?" He chuckled. "Wherever did you get such an idea like that? I am a very important figure to the public. Do you have any idea just who you are dealing with?"
Noble stared into the shadows of the face. He took a deep breath and began. "Mr., sir, I am aware of how powerul and scary you are, or you are supposed to be. I know you were present the night of the Westminster Ball. It was such a splendid party, wasn't it?--"
 Mr. Hammer cleared his throat. "Erm--y-you were present there?"
"I was." Noble beamed like a proud idiot. "I was invited by Her Majesty herself."
"And how is the Queen feeling? As I can imagine, she was quite shocked at the whole affair."
Noble continued his careless half smile as he nodded his head once, and dramatically. "She is completely unharmed..." He sat back against the leather seats with a slight squeak. "...which I am certain you are very disappointed to be hearing."
"Nonsense!" replied Hammer with a wave of the hand. "I couldn't be more thrilled to hear such good news." He pursed his lips together. Noble took the liberty of grabbing a handful of M&Ms that were sitting in a crystal bowl on a shelved compartment to the side of the back seat. He popped a couple of them into his mouth and chomped in that American way that high and mighty British men like Hammer simply could not stand, no matter how sinister the situation at hand.
"Really hope you don't mind if I indulge. This is the first decent snack I have been offered all day."
"No, no, not at all," responded the criminal, attempting with great effort to keep up his somber poker face. "So," he leaned forward toward Noble, elbows on his knees, face untwitching. "What proof do you have?"
Noble dropped he rest of the M&Ms he had in his hand back into the crystal bowl and mimicked the intimidating stance that was presented to him.
They were nose to nose.
"Fee. Fi. Fo. Fum."
Hammer frowned. "What?!" Noble sat back in the chair, chuckling. "What the blooming boulderdash is that supposed to mean?! One minute you're threatening me, the next you're rehearsing nursery rhymes?"
Noble leaned forward again. He grabbed Hammer's arm, jerked the sleeve of his fancy suit down, and revealed a bandaged wrist. "I have your bloody blood," Noble whispered intensly.
Hammer's eyes widened till they were as big as saucers. "You're the vigilante?"
Noble smiled and nodded. "Yes. Yes! That was the exact reaction I wanted from you Mr. Hammer. Thank you very much! That was just--"
His voice drowned into the blasting sound of sirens surrounding the vehicle on every side. Blue and red lights flashed through the tinted windows. Hammer reached into his jacket and pulled out..
"Oh, what do you know? The bad guy has a gun!" Noble blurted nervously as he put his hands up in to ear level.
"Shut up! Get out of the car, you idiot!" Hammer thrusted the gun against Noble's neck and opened the door.