Friday, March 31, 2017

Word Count Friday

What am I working on?

I am working on a play. I must admit that binge-watching Supernatural over Spring Break has lended a hand in forming the roles in this somewhat thriller-style play, however I write what is on my mind and honestly brotherhood is always on my mind. Being the 7th in a family of 8, siblings mean so very much to me, and in this play, I wanted to rekindle a bromance between two brothers when their mother calls on one of them to take the other on trip, afraid for his sanity. We do not know of this reason until it becomes clearer later on in the play, but in the second scene of act one, which we figure out is the present day, the brother has ended up in a mental facility and is accusing his doctor of murder. It is a work in progress, and I feel like I need to rearrange the order of events, maybe get the full scope of the situation first. 

I am also working on a short story of a young man who explores the abandoned Southern plantation house he has seen in his town all his life. He has heard legends of its creation, its inhabitants, and its downfall. I am thinking of linking the idea of the fall of this house to the fall of a man or a civilization using flashbacks, newspaper articles, and belongings in the house to uncover stories of those who have lived in it throughout the years. I love the idea of plantation homes being so rustic and yet elegant, common (in some areas) and yet so mysterious. I have yet to explore one myself, but in my small town of Moorpark we chance to possess a house near some shops in our downtown area that looks rather like a Southern plantation manor, white pillars and all. I used to romanticize the notion that generations of wealthy families have taken shelter in that house. I wondered what their stories were and what they lived for. I even wondered if any of them haunted the walls of the house. Now I still have not done my research, but I decided to write my own story. Sometimes that is closure enough.

I want to get started on a novel about a young lady (or a man, still haven't decided) who hunts down lethal cults. In my novel, I want the main character to stumble upon one that gives her a run for her money. I still need to do a TON of research on cults. It is not exactly common knowledge on how these things are ignited, discovered, or dismantled. From what I can recall about real, historical cults, they were usually found when alas a number of people were killed in one apocalypse-paranoid act or another. I plan on researching documentaries and studying what convinces one's psyche of the need to listen to one man and his truth, especially when it puts his or her own life in danger. This will not be a pleasant read, nor will it be easy to write, but I plan on gripping my readers through the narrative perspective and possibly allowing the heroine to emerge victorious. If I wanted to take a darker, less cliche route, I might want to watch the chick fall into the lies of the cult leader herself, and push psychology upon my readers instead of heroism. Still haven't decided, so ideas are welcome...

How I feel about it?

I like the ideas I get, but when push comes to shove and I need to character-build, world-build, and fact-check when I just want to get my story rolling, it is difficult for me. I am beginning to think pantsing will not be an option, seeing as I am currently enjoying realistic situations and settings, but I am usually a pantser by heart. Now it seems I will need to be a plotter by mind. I suppose I favor pantsing because I want to be as surprised as my readers are when there is a plot-twist or someone does something they normally would not. As a plotter, you are no longer entitled to experiencing the surprise, at least not in the same way a pantser or reader might. 

What am I reading?

Redwall and (finishing) Me Before You


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  2. I'm anxious to see how your play turns out.